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Vallerian Vallerian

Valerian is mainly used for soothing and sedative purposes, as it is a herb with anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties deemed soothes the nervous system in cases of neuroses, depression, hot flashes and overcurrent. It is also considered useful in cases of arthritis, neuralgia, colitis, hypertension, intestinal colic, rheumatic pain and dysmenorrhea and cramps, migraine, insomnia, toothache and nervous asthma. Valerian is among of all the most effective herb, and soothes the nervous system thanks to the anxiolytic properties, giving us the coveted calm. In the formerly past was used in patients with epilepsy. Besides the therapeutic uses of valerian is known for its use in perfumery and in the cultivation of ornamental purposes because of beautiful flower and the resistance to extreme weather conditions. The name "Valerian" came from the Latin word valere meaning "health or power" and refers to the therapeutic use of the plant, although it is claimed that it can be referred to the possible smell of it. Its important to know that large doses of valerian cause malaise. Its use should be for one week only, with break then about two weeks. You can relax in your bathroom, shower gel and putting 5-7 drops of valerian essential oil in water. Valerian is not recommended in children and should not be taken if you are treated with sedatives or other drugs that affect the central nervous system. With a dry root decoction in dosage 1-2gram. per cup, watching excessive heating because it is very volatile. Must be protected from light.
Let water boil for 3' and drop the valerian's root, leave 10 minutes to pull the water all nutrients and properties.