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Beauty tips

Scented oil with dill

The olive oil is extra virgin, very good quality and low acidity. It is flavored with dill, use in salads, sauces (eg mayonnaise), and food. It's perfect for stuffed and perfect for dolmades. It suits much in fish, beans, the peas, the boiled potatoes. The dill is used in pies, pickles and sauces, fish, and the soup and various soups, in artichokes, the stuffed into white meat, especially in dishes with egg and lemon.
Also gives a distinctive flavor to the pasta. Cook the pasta without the sauté, pour raw flavored olive mix and enjoy. All properties of dill is on your plate.
The dill is appetizing, digestive and diuretic properties and facilitates the production of milk in nursing mothers. Relieves stomach upsets, especially young children, colic and vomiting.
The characteristic flavor resembles that of anise.