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Beauty tips

Scented oil with hot pepper-caper

The olive oil is extra virgin, very good quality and low acidity. It is flavored with hot peppers and caper.
Τhis excellent flavored olive oil is commonly used in salads, especially in summer tomato salad which transforms with his spicy taste.
Try even with tomato sauce. Boil a simple tomato sauce and in the end pour the flavored olive oil with the special and spicy taste.
Savour well with beans. It's the classic food of the Cyclades and particularly Santorini. It gives a completely different flavor because of caper.
Caper: Opens the appetite and stimulates the gastric juices. It is ideal for salads vegetables with seafood, but for pasta and breads.
Add spice to your pulp and your sauces and meats, cheeses and various kinds of sausages.
The hot peppers contain a considerable amount of vitamins. There is a significant presence especially vitamin C, A, B and D, PP, B2, E increases blood oxygenation.
Flavored olive oil is better not to put in firefry, use raw or in the end of cooking of your food. So you can get the vitamins and properties.