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Lavender essential oil

Essential oil Lavender Essential oil Lavender

Make soothing massage to your baby before bedtime, it will help him a lot to sleep quietly. The lavender scent provides calm.

  • It offers balance in body and spirit
  • Helps fight insomnia
  • Removes tension and stress
  • Has a beneficial effect on headaches, muscle pains, stomach disorders
  • In cellulite, ideal for detoxification and reduce fluid retention
  •  Effective as insect repellent

Fight colds and coughs
The deep breaths of the beneficial steam from lavender oil is therapeutic. In an open container with boiled water put very few drops of lavender essential oil. Tilt your head over the pot, covered with a large towel so that inhaled deep breaths the beneficial steam.

The lavender oil can be used in cooking
Use lavender oil in jams, creams, biscuits and jelly. It will add a pleasant smell and taste.

You can drip a drop of oil on your flavored throughout your home will diffuse the unique aroma of lavender.
All essential oils should always be diluted.