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Verbena essential oil

Essential oil verbena Essential oil verbena

Essential oils are volatile substances are isolated by a process such as distillation, from a herb of a particular plant species. The essential oil bearing, usually the name of the plant species from which it has emerged. Used for insomnia for intestinal problems, depression, stress, as calm, anticonvulsant and sedative. The plant essential oil used in perfumery, confectionery and beverage industry because of the particular smell. Only a few drops on a cotton, help wounds heal and bruising subside. But do not overdo it, because the verbena is particularly high in camphor and can bring the opposite results. The verbena is one of the most reputed medicinal herbs for contribution to weight loss, the fat burning, the combat fluid retention and therefore reduce cellulite..

In the kitchen: Gives flavor and lemon flavor in sauces that came with white meat or fish, fit in soups and salads, and fresh leaves of flavor desserts and drinks. You can even make the drink and put it in the fridge. So you can enjoy a relaxing cold drink even in your office during the day. You can also make ice cubes from the beverage preparing rather than water, and so will keep the taste of your beverage unchanged. It is recommended to avoid its use by those suffering from hypotension, because it is a diuretic and reduces stress.