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Essential thyme oil

Essential oil thyme Essential oil thyme

Essential oils are volatile substances are isolated by a process such as distillation, from a herb of a particular plant species. The essential oil bearing, usually the name of the plant species from which it has emerged. Thyme is one of the best antiseptics and disinfectants herbs. Thi owes to the high content of thymol, which is contained in the essential oil. Thymol is an antimicrobial substance and fungicidal. Thyme belongs to the most effective herbs in the body's defenses for the flu. For the digestive system works as a powerful anti-parasitic and muscular as soothing in rheumatic pains. The essential oil of thyme can also help in cases of epilation. It can help the growth of hair, reduce dandruff and hair loss, but also to minimize symptoms of many diseases that occur in both the scalp and skin. The active ingredients are concentrated in essential thyme oil is known for the treatment of bronchitis and combat microbes. It can be used for enhancing memory and concentration.
In cooking: adding a few drops of olive oil, depending how strong and spicy want our food, or add 1 drop at the end of the food. Especially delicious and tasty is the meat and omelettes.
The essential oil of thyme is combined very well with Lemon, Rosemary and Lavender.
Avoid use by persons with hypertension and pregnant women.
All essential oils should always be diluted.