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Beauty tips

Herbs that slim

Put herbs in your daily life and slim ... naturally.
It is known that the herbs are very beneficial for the body and help lose the pounds naturally and harmlessly, large quantities and for long periods as long as it is consumed.
Learn which herbs can help us:

Verbena: Take the flowers and leaves in boiled water and leave for 8 minutes or so, covered with a clean towel. Strain and drink cold or hot drink before going to your bed. Verbena are among the most famous and popular herbs in the treatment of obesity. It helps to increase the rate of metabolism in the regulation of appetite and urination - so it is a very good option for those suffering from fluid retention. The verbena is one of the most famous and popular herbs in the treatment of obesity.
Green Teas
Green tea is rich like no other catechins and this means that drinking will increase the energy we consume daily.
Additionally, the regular consumption of green tea connected not only with the weight reduction and the reduction of abdominal fat.
Modern scientific studies constantly confirm the beneficial effects of green tea and health, thanks to the capacity of catechins which create antioxidant shield, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes diaviti.

Dosage: Pour a teaspoon or a sachet 3-4gr for each cup . After we boil water, leave for about 3 '. Then pour the hot water into the cup and leave for about another 4'. Sour or remove the bag and leave our tea 2-3' to become its temparature moderate.

Sage contribute to weight loss by activating the metabolism and helps in the elimination of unnecessary fluid from the body. It is tasty and aromatic.
Dosage: Boil water. After removing from heat, add 1 tablespoon sage. Cover with a clean towel to keep all the properties of water, leave 3-4 'and strain. Drink a glass of the afternoon and evening drink before eating.
You can also use it in cooking, in poultry, pasta, legumes and meat and to scent various soups and dishes.

In a glass of warm water pour a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and drink it as you wake up in the morning. Plays an important role in detoxifying the body and the activation of the intestine.
Where else helps; Contains large amounts of vitamin C and other has antipyretic properties, helps digestion and reduce cholesterol.
The herbs alone do not make miracles and can someone be weakened only with those without notice consumption, physical activity and general way of life.
CAUTION: Always use herbs under the supervision of an expert, especially when you get along other drugs or herbs.