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Beneficial properties of sedge or balsam, known since antiquity.
This knowledge we have tried to preserve and disseminate, preparing balsam from extra virgin olive oil and sedge we found on our property which is certified organic product.
The flowers were collected with respect to the plant, entered into sterilized bottles dark and stayed in the sun for 4 weeks. Then packaged in bottles.
The analgesic properties of the herb, according to clinical studies, mainly due to the active substance, the hyperforin.
In homeopathy is used primarily in neuralgia used in hair loss but also in mild depression.
It provides great relief for sciatica, wounds, burns, bruises, stomach disorders, gastroenteritis, mild ulcers, stomach aches, joint pains, cramps, colds and grips.
Also, with balsam you can rubb the part that hurts or can still apply local patches with and soaked gauze.
Finally, it is ideal for any therapeutic or relaxing massage. It can be enriched with essential oils, where appropriate, or combined with other oils. Also with beeswax and propolis creates wax oitment for torn lips or hands.
However, it can be used as drinking, as particularly recommended for colitis, painful digestion and sour stomach. But as drinking, should not be taken by people with hypertension and should always advise the doctor.
The balsam should be stored in a dry and cool place. Distinguished not only for the bright yellow color, but also for the many healing properties. It's antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent and healing.
Precautions: The balsam may affect some skin types and cause photosensitivity and photodermatitis, manifested in skin irritations. After the use you must not expose to the sun.